Industrial Motor Supplier

Industrial Motor Supplier in Maharashtra

With new projects and being announced as one of the best Industrial Motor Supplier in Maharashtra India, it's quintessential to be aware of those announcements, cross verify the same with the project promoters, sanitize the information and offer the needful motor for the project without any glitch in time. This is exactly what we do at 'Omkar Engineers'.

We are proficient and the most well-known Industrial Motor Supplier in Maharashtra and repairer company in India offering customized solutions, with variant products developed for specific applications. We also have experience in offering such motors in large quantities and consistent quality levels.

We are always devising ways to making life easier with Wide range of Solutions, offering several

Types of motors that include:

1. Brake motors
2. Cooling Tower Motor
3. Crane Duty Motor
4. Energy-efficient motors
5. Encoder motors
6. Flame-proof motors
7. Gear motors
8. Inverter Duty Motor
9. Low Vibration Class Motor
10. Multi Speed Motor
11. Standard induction motors
12. Torque motor
13. Vibratory Motor and several other combinations

We have a high reputation for optimally doing best Industrial Motor Supplies in Maharashtra. We come up with designed Tailor-made motors in wide range of applications, such as Air Handling Systems, Chemical Industries, Conveyors, Machine Tools, Winding Machines and a number of Process Industries. Flexible manufacturing techniques enable us to supply even small quantities of special motors at short delivery notice.

Why choose us?

With consistent efforts 'Omkar Engineers' provides

1. Wide variety of products
2. The latest technology
3. High quality motors
4. Large Capacity
5. Customized Solutions in design
6. Environmentally - Friendly
7. Flexible energy efficient processes for manufacturing
8. Competitive price
9. Quick delivery periods
10. Low running cost (with almost nil maintenance costs)
11. Excellent value for money
12. Excellent Quality
13. Best performance motor
14. Highly energy efficient motors
15. Trained and Adequate Manpower
16. Strong workforce

Email alerts:

You receive updates on our fresh motor-works through email, as you tap on the subscribe option. It not only enables you to take quick actions to add them to your cart but also lets you customize the alerts as per your requirements. You can send in your queries too and in no time, you’ll receive our reply as we have the fastest response time to queries. Our service is available to use for 24 X 7 in the year. We have qualified and experienced team that ensures quick response.

Project Updates

We contact executors, government agencies, project promoters, project lenders, to fetch the latest developments in the ongoing projects. The latest developments in the on-going projects are made available to the subscribers in India on real-time basis. Online, Offline, Primary and Secondary sources are regularly tapped to keep the database up-to-date resulting in prosperous products and low downtimes.

Omkar Engineers' products are renowned for their performance and quality. Updating ourselves with component raw material and available data base aids us in using appropriate items for providing better quality product to our customers at a competitive cost. We standout as Industrial Motor Supplier in Maharashtra and our services. From basic tasks like designing of electric motors or suggesting the proper ratings of a products, or designing Tailor made motors, knowing these technical ability and know-how of understanding needs of our customers help us design the product and keep our customer happy and associated with us for long time.

Omkar Engineers are already future-ready by investing resources and time in researching the needs of various industry verticals, developing and establishing proper manufacturing methods, inducting and training a team of like-minded technicians and engineers, and by developing a committed vendor and supplier base for quick deliveries of tailor-made special purpose motor.

'Omkar Engineers' is one of the most trusted brands for Industrial motors supplies in Maharashtra in several leading manufacturing companies in India.’